Meet our Rock Spring Optometrists

Stephen B Clark O.D.

Stephen B Clark O.D. has been in optometry for 17 years. Dr. Clark preforms routine eye exams, he is very good with contact lenses, we can do spherical, astigmatism and bifocal contacts. There are different materials form soft to hard (gas perm), we also have 1 day, 2 week, 1 month, 3 month and yearly contacts.

Dr. Clark also preforms medical eye exams, which would be for dry eyes, Diabetic exams, High blood pressure, Cataract detection, Glaucoma and many other medical conditions.

Dr. Clark can remove foreign body’s, and treat conditions as corneal ulcer’s, chalazion , pink eye and many more. Dr. Clark can not do surgery’s.

The staff at North Georgia Vision Center is proud to work with Dr. Clark, we think he is a very good doctor, a good person, a good listener and easy to work with. I also believe the Rockspring community and surrounding area also think like us because many people refer other people to see Dr. Clark. and we want all of our patient’s to know we care about you.

Dr. Jodi Holbrook O.D.

Bio coming soon.